How YOU Can Master Chinese In JUST SIX MINUTES A DAY. New UNIQUE Learning System, Makes Learning FAST - AND FUN!

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If you, or a member of your family, are struggling to learn Chinese - then here's exciting news for YOU:


Learn in just minutes a day

For untold generations, learning Chinese the traditional way has been dull, tedious, and not much fun at all.

But now, thanks to a pioneering linguist's discovery - and the magic of motion pictures - learning Chinese can be easier than ever before.

In fact, thanks to the world's easiest teaching method and the latest techniques of accelerated learning, you can now master Mandarin IN AS LITTLE AS JUST SIX MINUTES A DAY!

Introducing "HAN ZI GONG"
The ULTIMATE Chinese learning system

Welcome to the world of Han Zi Gong – the amazing new learning system based on the revolutionary discoveries of linguist Bai Shuangfa.

By combining the easy 'building block' approach of the Shuangfa Method with AWARD WINNING movie production and the latest accelerating learning techniques, Han Zi Gong really is the ideal way to learn Chinese.

Gone are the days of dull repetitions of facts and characters. Now you simply relax, sit down and enjoy watching exciting, entertaining TV shows on astronomy, geography, botany, zoology, the human body. Han Zi Gong will change the way you learn Chinese forever.

The Easy Way To Learn Chinese

As you probably know, Chinese uses a different written character for each and every one of its words. Now, while this gives Chinese great beauty, it can make learning Chinese a challenge - unless you have a 'key' to simplify the learning of the many pictograms.

After 37 years of searching, a language genius, Bai Shuangfa, discovered just such a key to simpler Chinese learning. His secret? Chinese has a logical structure, and is not just a large group of facts to remember!

Bai Shuangfa found that all Chinese writing is linked to just a small number of characters; If you learn to use these 'building block' characters, you can use them to build the rest of the language, in a logical, easy-to-understand way.

Bai Shuangfa's approach has revolutionized the way education experts think about Chinese - and now it can help YOU to learn Chinese too.

Learn Faster, Master More!

Learn Chinese Character | Read Write Chinese | Han Zi Gong

Just six minutes' daily viewing is all it takes: Six minutes of fun you'll look forward to every day! Han Zi Gong's full set of 720 lessons and support materials pave the way to TOTAL Chinese mastery.

What's more, rather than something that only happens in a classroom, Chinese learning will become a part of your daily life, as you think about the stories in the Han Zi Gong episodes throughout your daily life.

By taking the Shuangfa Method, combining it with exciting, multi-media sound and film on DVD, VCD and even online streaming - your interest, senses and imagination are ALL engaged in learning.

Winner of the First Hollywood
International TV Starlight Award!

Learn Chinese Character, Read Write Chinese, Han Zi Gong

Han Zi Gong is so unique and impressive it has earned international praise and recognition - even being awarded the First Hollywood International TV Starlight Award!

Created with the aid of over 2,000 acting talents, 3,750 scene sets and more than 7,000 props, Han Zi Gong is one of the most ambitious language-teaching programs in the history of the world.

Han Zi Gong will change YOUR life for the better – as it has for countless others already. Han Zi Gong is a PROVEN system for faster, easier Chinese learning.

Just look what people are saying:

"I found Han Zi Gong, the 720 fun-filled movies, really effective... Having a set of Han Zi Gong... is not only good for kids but also for adults... The way of presenting the text... is really appealing and inviting... equivalent to a 'master key' for unlocking Chinese. It's wonderful!"

Mr. Chan King Juan
Past-President, Singapore Public Teachers' Union
Educator for 44 years

"My sons now find it a lot easier to understand Chinese. My four-year-old daughter didn't know any Chinese; I bought Han Zi Gong, let her watch just a few episodes, and she started using Chinese, writing characters! I let my children watch Han Zi Gong after dinner. . . Han Zi gong gives us topics to talk about, and I get to learn more Chinese too!"

Mrs. Wendy Tiung
Mother of three school-going children

"Han Zi Gong makes learning Chinese truly enjoyable!"

Li Xi Mei
Community Worker

"Han Zi Gong. . . facilitates learning of Chinese characters by helping students understand the. . . logical principles behind each Chinese character. In this way . . . learners. . . find that learning Chinese characters can be both interesting and fun."

Chew King Hwan
Supervisor, Zhicheng Private School

An Exciting Adventure

Imagine a world where learning is genuine FUN, where stories COME ALIVE before your very eyes. With Han Zi Gong, your learning dreams can indeed now come true:

SEE fantastic tales unfold before your eyes; watch as Chinese characters, and how to draw them, are stored permanently in your memory – with practically no effort required from you!

HEAR easy-to-understand explanations bring the wonders of Chinese language and history to life! Learn not only the Chinese language, but also Chinese culture and heritage – and much more besides!

DISCUSS the tales and adventures with everyone in your home, and see how close you become as you share a common interest – Han Zi Gong!

LEARN faster than you ever thought possible, as the ‘building blocks' of Chinese are revealed and the wonder of accelerated learning boosts your learning and recall!

A 'Treasure Chest' of Knowledge

The full Han Zi Gong system comes in DVD (40 DVDs) or VCD (60 VCDs), an character index book, and exquisite display cases – a priceless 'treasure chest of knowledge' you will be proud to own.

When you order Han Zi Gong, you can look forward to a lifetime of fun, knowledge and increased opportunity. 720 exciting episodes will teach up to 3,500 characters of Chinese, while enriching your general knowledge, entertaining you and your loved ones – and bringing your family together!

Han Zi Gong is unlike any other language course ever created. This one system is all you will ever need to truly master Chinese, and enrich your life with fun and increased social and economic opportunity.

  • Put the system to the test.
  • Watch the episode
  • Use the handbook
  • Begin your personal journey to mastering Chinese
  • Most importantly - have fun!
  • Enjoy ALL the benefits Han Zi Gong offers

Chinese is one of the world's most important languages. A world of opportunity is open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Chinese. Can you, or your loved ones, REALLY afford NOT to master Chinese, ready for the world of tomorrow?

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